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Come have your music instrument repaired by JC Music!

Music instrument repair is a serious matter, and JC Music has been and is one of the best and busiest music instrument repair centers in Connecticut since 1988. JC Music has a rich history in repairs while working for many school districts, professional players, local universities, college and conservatory teachers, students and local musicians.

JC Music services all instruments from student to professional and includes all woodwinds, brass, strings, guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, folk instruments and much more. JC Music offers quality-focused craftsmanship for all your instrument repair needs!

JC Music offers superior quality repairs on any instrument! Our luthiers can repair or custom hand carve violins, violas, cellos, guitars and more!

Here are some examples of what we repair: Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion and All Orchestral Instruments; Guitars, Amplifiers, Pianos, Accordions, Autoharps, Archlutes, Angeliques, Banduras, Banjos, Bouzoukis, Charangos, Citterns, Aappalachian Dulcimers, Harps, Kanteles, Keyboards, Kitharas, Koras, Kotos, Lutes, Lyres, Pipas, Mandolins, Theorbos, Torbans, Kobzas, Ouds, Shamisens, Sitars, Ukuleles, Veenas, Crwths, Erhus, Fiddles, Hudoks, Mouthbows, Nyckelharpas, Hurdy Gurdys, Rababs, Rebecs, Sarangis, Vintage Tube Televisions, Viola da braccios, Viola d’amores, and Viola da gamba.

CT Music Store for Instrument Repair
JC Music, LLC has been family owned and operated since 1988. We are a complete, full-line CT music store, providing new and used band instruments, orchestra instruments, fretted instruments, amps, PA systems, drums, sheet music and accessories.

With over 3000 sq. ft. of retail space, we offer a showroom with a display of woodwind and brass instruments second to none. We also have one of Connecticut’s largest stocks of music books, methods and sheet music. JC Music stocks Mapex drums, but has access to whatever your favorite line of drums may be and at better prices than you will find on any website! JC Music has a huge accessory inventory as well as guitars, amps and keyboards.

Service is as important to us as we’re sure it is to you! Our in-house repair shop for band instruments allows us to complete most repairs within a couple days. We also work with the finest luthiers in the business and provide expert repairs on all instruments including guitars, banjos, autoharps, pianos, amplifiers, along with band and orchestra instruments.

No matter what instrument you’re interested in, our knowledgeable sales staff will help answer your questions. Our goal is to completely satisfy every customer.


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