2012 Results


3rd Annual JC Music Solo Competitions

In Memory of this competition’s Co-founder, Yale School Of Music’s John Miller

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2012 Results
2012 Results

2012 Solo Competition Results

Name Town School Grade Level
Winner: Shira Bedford Woodbridge Hopkins School Competition I (5-8)
Runner-Up Nathan Hellmuth Rocky Hill Two Rivers Magnet School Competition I (5-8)
Winner: Juliana Sharp Stratford Bunnell High School Competition II (9-12)
Runner-Up Gunnar Moll Farmington Farmington High School Competition II (9-12)

Competition I Finalists - from left: Shira Bedford, Morgan Whalen, Nathan Hellmuth, Eric Wu , Cory Lynch
Competition II Finalists - from left: Yejing Yang, Gunnar Moll, Ethan Rode, Carlton Burns, Juliana Sharp

Special Thanks to all our Finalists!

Videos of all performances coming soon!

Solo Competition Finals – Updated Order of Performances

Name Town School Grade Level
1. Morgan Whalen Middletown Woodrow Wilson Middle School Competition I (5-8)
2. Shira Bedford Woodbridge Hopkins School Competition I (5-8)
3. Eric Wu Madison Polson Middle School Competition I (5-8)
4. Ethan Rode Clinton The Morgan School Competition II (9-12)
5. Cory Lynch Guilford Adams Middle School Competition I (5-8)
6. Yejing Yang Orange Amity Senior High School Competition II (9-12)
7. Gunnar Moll Farmington Farmington High School Competition II (9-12)
8. Carlton Burns East Hartford Glastonbury High School Competition II (9-12)
9. Nathan Hellmuth Rocky Hill Two Rivers Magnet School Competition I (5-8)
10. Juliana Sharp Stratford Bunnell High School Competition II (9-12)
Students are required to use an original for their sheet music and are to provide three copies (one for each judge).

At the end of the competition, the judges are to meet on the main level to review the scores and to determine the two Grand Champions and the two Runners-up.

Jeremy Barnes has been designated as the Chief Judge for this competition.

UPDATE – May 1st 2012

Here are the 2012 JC Music/Yale School of Music Solo Competition Finalists!

Competition I

Grades 5-8

Competition II

Grades 9-12

Name Grade Instrument Name Grade Instrument
Shira Bedford Eighth Cello Carlton Barnes Ninth Cello
Jonathan Hellmuth Eighth Trumpet Gunnar Moll Twelfth Violin
Cory Lynch Eighth Piano Ethan Rode Eleventh Piano
Morgan Whalen Seventh Piano Juliana Sharp Ninth Violin
Eric Wu Seventh Piano Yejing Yang Ninth Piano

Finalists have been listed in alphabetical order – this is not the order of final auditions. The finals are scheduled for Saturday May 12th and finalists will be receiving a letter with more information, including audition times.

Congratulations to these finalists who competed with some amazing talent from all over Connecticut!

An Interview with 2011 CMEA Adjudicators

Thank you all for registering for our 2012 Solo Competition!

Audition Times – Friday 4/27

Audition Times – Saturday 4/28

Time Name Grade Instrument Time Name Grade Instrument
X 9:40a Corey Lynch Eighth Piano
X 9:50a Scott Romeyn Seventh Piano
4:00p Natalie Charette Ninth Piano 10:00a Ethan Rode Eleventh Piano
4:10p Rachel D’Andrea Tenth Flute 10:10a Andrew Fermo Eighth Piano
4:20p Hannah Huddleston Fifth Piano 10:20a Jessica Liu Tenth Flute
4:30p Gunnar Moll Twelfth Violin 10:30a Shira Bedford Eighth Cello
4:40p Juliana Sharp Ninth Violin 10:40a Edward Biafore Fifth Clarinet
4:50p Carlton Burns Ninth Cello 10:50a TBA
5:00p Yejing Yang Ninth Piano 11:00a Anastasia Miller Fifth Flute
5:10p Eric Wu Seventh Piano 11:10a Dean Zeichner Eighth Trombone
5:20p Mikkie Chu Tenth Violin 11:20a Haley Bothwell Sixth Flute
5:30p Joseph Chu Fifth Piano 11:30a TBA
X 11:40a Morgan Whalen Seventh Piano
X 11:50a Kevin Li Fifth Piano
X 12:00p Ashley Tang Sixth Piano
X 12:10p Nathan Hellmuth Eighth Trumpet
X 12:20p Mayland Pettie Fifth Trombone
X 12:30p Anthony Wiley TBA TBA

This audition will take place at JC Music (529 West Main Street, Meriden CT 06451). For directions please visit us at JC-Music.com. The preliminary judges are CMEA certified adjudicators Jennifer Crooks from Oxford High School, and Dan Luongo from Two Rivers Magnet School in East Hartford.

The top five scores in each of the competitions will be advancing to the final auditions which will be held at the Augusta Curtis Cultural Center located at 175 East Main Street in Meriden, on Saturday May 12th 2012 starting at 10 am. Those advancing to the finals will all be video recorded and the performances will be released on YouTube after the competition. Each competition will have a $250 cash grand prize winner along with a scheduled performance. The runner-up in each competition will receive a $100 JC Music electronic gift card.

(Note: The grade 9-12 finals were scheduled for May 19th but had to be moved to the 12th, the same date as the middle school finals.) Final audition times will be announced after the preliminary auditions. Students performing in the finals should plan to arrive at 9:30am on the 12th and the awards ceremony will be held at approximately 11:45am.

(Note: Students are NOT required to memorize their music. We do recommend that you bring an accompanist [excluding pianists / percussionists]. We will not supply an accompanists and please note it is not required to use an accompanist for the preliminary or final performances).

Thank You from the staff at JC Music! If you have any questions regarding your audition, please email JC directly: JC[at]JCMusicWorld.com.

Note: Please bring an original copy of your performance music along with two photocopies for our CMEA certified adjudicators.

If you advance to the finals, please bring an original copy of your music for yourself along with five photocopies for our judging panel.

You may play the same piece at both auditions or you may choose a different piece for the finals. All musical selections should be in a classical style.

Download Your Solo Competitions Registration Packet!

2012 Dates

The 3rd Annual JC Music competitions will include one group for students in grades 5 through 8
and a 2nd group will be for students in grades 9-12.

JC Music and the Yale School of Music: Music in School’s Initiative have worked closely for the
past three years to bring about instrumental solo competition offerings to the state of Connecticut
which differ from the standard CMEA Regional and All State auditions. JC Music’s President, JC
Caillouette and the Yale School of Music’s John Miller have worked closely with CMEA to be
sure that there were no conflicting dates and the JC Music Solo Competitions are in full support
of CMEA. While the unfortunate passing of John Miller has been a tragic event, John helped to
set a strong foundation for this year’s competition and we plan to continue these competitions in
his memory.

The JC Music Solo Competition auditions for 2012 will include strings, brass, woodwinds,
percussion and piano.

Preliminary Auditions – Thursday April 26th through Saturday April 28th 2012. Preliminary
Auditions will be held at JC Music in Meriden. The judges for the competition will all be CMEA
certified adjudicators.

Finals – The top 14 scores from the preliminary auditions will audition in the finals. The final
auditions will be held at the Augusta Curtis Cultural Center in Meriden. There are cash prizes for
several of the highest scores and there will be performing opportunities for the winners.

Grades 5-8 Finals: May 12, 2012

Grades 9-12 Finals: May 19, 2012

Each of the final auditions will have our usual all-star panel of judges from around the state. The
judges have not yet been determined, but there will be three judges for each of the competition

The competition will be video taped and each of the finalist’s auditions will have their
performances released on Youtube by JC Music. JC-Music.com will also have the prize-winning
performances posted.