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Please help JC Music help you by letting us know what your student’s needs are for this school year. When your students and their parents shop at JC Music for the school year, your students will arrive in class with all the proper method books and band instrument accessories!

All questions in BOLD are required.

School Name:
Director's Name:
Best Email to Contact:
You Currently Teach:
Preferred Band Method?
If Other, Please Specify:
Preferred String Method?
If Other, Please Specify:
Reeds for Beginners
If Other, Please Specify:
Drumstick Size:
If Other, Please Specify:
Percussionists Should Buy/Rent:
Step-up Woodwind Mouthpiece
If Other, Please Specify:
Trumpet Mouthpiece Size (if not 7C):
If Other, Please Specify:
Music Stand at Home:
Instrument Care Kit:
Instrument Lyre:
Flip Folder*:
*NOTE: Flip Folder has 5 double-sided windows.
Number of Extra Windows:
Manuscript Book:
Chromatic Tuner:
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Please enter any other information that may be useful to our staff and your students and their parents. (Please also include any useful information related to any other classes you teach, such as guitar class, recorder class, etc.):

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