Meet Ryan Weil, JC Music Sales Crew

Ryan is a multi-instrumentalist and aspiring producer from Middletown, NJ. Starting in fourth grade, he began by learning the trumpet with his school’s concert band. Since then, he has practiced and performed guitar, bass, and drums at a professional level, also performing keyboard, hand drums, and mallet percussion along the way, primarily self-taught.

Ryan was also privately trained vocally for a few years and performs acoustic sets at small bars in NJ. Alongside solo work, he has performed as a drummer and backing vocalist in local bands such as As It Unfolds, End The Memory, and Speak In Verse. Outside of playing, he began training himself in production in high school and has since recorded two five-song EPs and various singles, by his own projects as well as other local musicians and rappers.

Ryan is currently attending the University of New Haven, duel majoring in Music & Sound Recording and Music Industry under the instruction of producers such as Jim Bonnefond (Kool & The Gang, Savage Garden) and Murray Krugman (Blue Oyster Cult). He also just completed an internship with 95.9 The WRAT, a Greater Media Radio Station in Lake Como, NJ. Ryan is working on his first full-length album and hopes to eventually work as an engineer or producer either in radio or at a professional recording studio.

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