Super Electric Guitar Strings Now in Stock!

Recent technological advancements bring us this exciting new product!

Super Electric Guitar Strings

D’Addario’s NYXL super electric guitar strings feature exclusive high-carbon steel alloy for unprecedented strength and improved tuning stability compared to traditional guitar strings so you can get in tune faster and stay in tune longer.

Wound strings have enhanced mid-range frequency response in the 1 Р3.5 kHz range Рmore presence and crunch to cut through the mix, and the unwound strings are coated in a molten tin bath to create an even, consistent coating that protects against corrosion.

According to D’Addario, the NYXL strings are the strongest ever made.

In short, these strings:

  • Bend further
  • Stay in tune better/longer
  • Have more “crunch and punch”
  • Can be strummed harder

Super Electric Guitar Strings
I believe these D’Addario strings would best be described as one of the two best non-coated strings we have – the other is the Ernie Ball M-Steels (Maraging Steels) which we will have in stock soon! The M-Steels super electric guitar strings are made of a superalloy used in aerospace and defense applications; the super cobalt alloy wraps around a maraging steel hex core wire to give you a rich, full tone – and you’ll feel a more powerful low-end response as well as hear increased output from this set of strings.


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