Halloween Spooktacular Concerts!

Halloween Spooktacular Concerts

JC Music’s Lesson Student Showcase series is doing our first-ever Halloween Spooktacular Concert on October 26th 2014 at the Augusta Curtis Cultural Center in Meriden, CT! There’s going to be spooky music and a lot of fun!

We’re having three shows in a row, at 1:00, 2:30 and 4:00pm, to fit everyone in who was interested! Buy tickets now at JC Music or at the door before the event!

Halloween Spooktacular Concert

And check out the Event Page on our Google profile by clicking here! If you have a GooglePlus profile, you can submit any pictures you take at the event to this page and share them with everybody! You’ll be able to find all our pictures and video there, as well as here on our website.