“After moving from New York to Connecticut I found myself in need of a good repair shop to keep all 8 of my saxophones in mint condition. I can only say I was so lucky to have a repair shop right in my area of Meriden. I sent in one of my top saxophones that I needed for the NAMM convention of 2012, and I was amazed at the work that came from JC Music repair shop. Not only were the leaks sealed the additional tweaks done were awesome. My saxophone has never sounded this great and it was the talk of the NAMM show. After seeing the amazing repair done at JC, I now bring all my instruments here… If you need saxophone repairs done to your sax I would definitely recommend JC Music.”

Keyan Williams
Professional Jazz Saxophonist Producer/Songwriter

My granddaughter loves JC Music! The staff is always friendly.

Thelma Graves
Meriden, CT

“Every visit to JC Music is always an enjoyable experience. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and always friendly! Yay!

Heidi Bagenski
Meriden, CT

On Castle Band Instruments

“Castle saxes are great for classical and jazz! The key setup is more like a professional instrument, even on the Castle student instruments. We recently purchased a large amount of Castle brass and woodwind instruments including a beautiful oboe. I just love the tenor sax as I’m a sax player and I even played the Castle student sax in my last performance instead of my professional Selmer. I just love the Castle’s intonation. Their student and intermediate instruments play like professional instruments, and not like any other student level instruments from any major brand. The low and high notes are rich and have a beautiful tone. The quality metal used is great and produces a meaty thud as all the pads come seated well.”

Dan Luongo, Director of Bands
Wolcott School, West Hartford Public Schools

“I’m a flautist and I’m always looking for the high tones and low tones. These Castle flutes are heavy and have a deep, rich tone that I actually prefer to the well-known brands. All genres of music sound great on the Castles! They play like they were custom made and just produce great sounds. I’m going to purchase myself a Castle open-hole flute with gold keys and a silver body very soon!”

Jennifer Crooks, Director of Bands
Oxford High School

“When holding a Castle student or intermediate instrument, you can feel how heavy and sturdy it is. They also create darker tones and make your band sound more mature. Most other major brand student models are lightweight and produce a nasal-like sound. Castle instruments are great in all ranges! They are very well-balanced, well-constructed and I highly recommend them. I wish every student in Oxford played a Castle instrument!”

Greg Bell – Director of Bands
New Britain High School

“No school is tougher on band instruments than our band. We have to send most instruments out for repair at the end of each year, but the Castles are tanks and those are the only instruments that stay here year round! They are heavy, very well built, and just stay in good repair. I recently played a Castle 4-valve Euphonium and it had a round, dark tone which is very comparable to other very high-end instruments.”

Dr. David Kaysar – Director of Bands
New Britain High School

“The valves react more efficiently and with quicker movement while maintaining a full sound. I was seeking a more professional trumpet and after playing this Silver Castle model, I was sold! This instrument is very versatile while playing different genres!”

Tim Osborn
Oxford, CT

On Music Lessons

My daughter has learned a lot this year and she loves her teacher.

Kimberly Morgan
Wallingford, CT

JC goes above and beyond with its lesson program. My daughter looks forward to lessons every week!

Tony Sisco
Plantsville, CT

JC Music offers a great experience with excellent instructors, friendly staff and flexible scheduling. We recommend JC Music!

Matthew & Justin
Durham, CT

My husband gave me saxophone lessons for my birthday and said try it for a month — I was hooked after my first lesson!

Laurie McMillan
New Britain, CT