JC Music Lesson Program


We offer Connecticut music lessons with the best teaching staff of accomplished musicians available in the state! You can enroll for our Lessons program in the following ways:


Option A) Autopayers



$26.50 per ½ hour and $49 per hour for those enrolled in our Autopay program. JC Music is a CPI compliant secure credit card processing company. Autopay accounts are securely charged on the 25th day of each month for the scheduled lessons for the following month. The first autopay charge for tuition will be charged on the day of your first scheduled lesson and will cover the remaining lessons for the current month.


Option B) Pre-Monthly Payers (without autopay)



$30 per ½ hour and $55 per hour for Non-Autopayers. Monthly tuition is still required to be paid in full by the first lesson of each month. You may pay by cash, credit/debit card or check.

Option A & Option B both require – a $20 Enrollment Fee for the first family member and $14 for each additional family member’s enrollment fee. There is also a Two Lesson Security Deposit required along with the enrollment fee. If any account falls two weeks behind in lesson payments, this lesson enrollment agreement will be canceled. In order to re-register, a new enrollment fee will be required along with replacing any funds taken from the two week security lesson charge to pay our instructors.

Fourteen days written notice is required when you decide to discontinue your enrollment in our lesson program. This written notice must be presented to the JC Music staff and not to the instructor.


Option C) Pop-in Student



We will need to set up a lesson account for you, but no Enrollment Fee or Two Lesson Security Deposit will be due.
Pop-in Status – $36 per ½ hour (note: hour lessons are scheduled as two ½ hours totaling $72).

Option C allows you to simply call in any time you are ready for another lesson. We will then see if there are any available lesson times to fit you into the schedule for that week. There is no guarantee that we can schedule a lesson on the day you call, but if you contact us by 1pm on a day your selected instructor teaches, we will offer you any open lesson times which are available.

The advantage is that you may simply call any day and “pop-in” for a lesson when you feel prepared for your next lesson. This is an option best suited for adults with inconsistent schedules. Please note that regularly scheduled lessons are the best way to make the most of our music program. A no-show for a scheduled Pop-In lesson would require prepayment for that missed lesson before any additional Pop-In lessons will be scheduled.
60 Days notice will be provided by JC Music regarding any future changes to our lesson rates. These changes will be posted by our front counter, in our coffee shop and in the waiting room.

The average age for children to start lessons is 7 years old, but it is NEVER too late to start lessons for adults of any age!

Tuition is paid in advance on a monthly basis. There is a significant savings for those who choose to have this done through autopay. We are a PCI compliant and secure store with regards to your credit card information.

Performing is encouraged for students of all ages through our elegant Showcase Concert Programs held every January and July.

Students provide their own instruments with the exception of Piano & Drums. (amplifiers are provided for electric guitar & bass lessons)

24 Hours Notice is required for all cancellations. These lessons are the instructor’s occupation and we are unable to secure high quality instructors without providing teachers with a consistent schedule. When you enroll in lessons, you have reserved that teacher’s time and the store’s studio. If you must miss a lesson, a make-up lesson may be scheduled at the teacher’s discretion.

Effective March 1st, 2013 JC Music will excuse up to three same day cancellations within a calendar year. We still require 2 hours notice to receive these three credits so that we have time to possibly condense or at least contact the teacher. If a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, they will make every attempt to reschedule the lesson for you or you will receive a lesson credit.

For cancellations due to inclement weather, your account may be credited or you may request to see if a rescheduled time is possible. Please request to be added to our emergency text list, which is used strictly to notify all students that JC Music has canceled lessons. We also list cancellations on Channel 8 and WFSB.com under “Business Closings.” If we do not contact you, you must assume lessons are still scheduled. We will still credit or reschedule your lesson if you need to cancel because you do not feel safe traveling to JC Music due to the weather.

We offer free WiFi and free coffee for our parents in the “JC Cafe”, located on the main level.

We also have a very comfortable waiting room in the studio area of the store. No food or drinks are allowed in this area.

JC Music chooses a “Student of The Month” who will be featured on our website and will also be added to our archived Student of the Month Galleries.

We also offer a Summer Music Academy with many fun and educational small group classes.

JC Music offers an inspiring, safe and educational atmosphere in which to grow, regardless of age or skill level. Our faculty members are all experienced in both performing and teaching. They also possess strong music educational backgrounds and are eager to share their knowledge, skills, and talents with you. Whether your goal is to become a professional player, just learn enough to play as a hobby, or to supplement your school’s instrumental lessons, we can help you reach your potential.

Music is a universal language that bonds people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a powerful force that has the potential to change people’s lives and shape their personalities. JC Music has lessons for all ages with skilled, professional teachers with experience in every musical genre imaginable. There are lessons available every day of the week to work around anyone’s schedule. Lessons take place once a week and are payable by the month. Any aspiring musician can find equipment and instruction available to take them to the next level.

JC Music’s 23 professional music educators are not only excellent musicians, but excellent teachers. Unlike many teachers, our faculty members will teach each student how to practice. Productive “On Task” practice is the single most essential factor to successful lessons. For younger children, parental support and interest are also vitally important.

One commonly asked question is “How many lessons before I get good?” With each student being unique, it is impossible to answer such a question. Basically, the more a student practices with dedication, the sooner the student can reach a satisfactory level of performance, Age is an important factor as well. Patience with young children is a necessity. It is not uncommon for a student to play quite well after a year of lessons, but keep in mind that learning of a musical instrument never ends!

Another common question asked is about age. Our Suzuki Violin Program starts students at age 3, piano at age 6, and all other lessons at age 7. We also have many adults that take lessons, and on a variety of instruments.

Our students look forward to their lesson each week because we strive to make the learning of a musical instrument a fun and  rewarding experience.

JC Music has 20 professional educators available for music lessons on any instrument and also offers group lessons for children and senior citizens during the day. Our instructors are a carefully selected group of music educators who are not only excellent musicians, but excellent teachers.

We also offer a Suzuki program for younger children for piano and violin. Our students look forward to their lesson each week because we strive to make the learning of a musical instrument a rewarding experience. JC Music offers Student Showcase Recitals every January and July and offers a Summer Music Camp for aspiring musicians.

The staff at JC Music is dedicated to providing an educational and enjoyable musical experience. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through your musical journey. From instrument sales, music lessons, band and orchestra rentals, and a complete repair service, the friendly staff at JC Music has the ability to serve your every musical need.

At JC Music, we make musicians! Our goal is to make music accessible to anyone with an interest in any musical instrument, by providing affordable quality instruments and instruction. We strive to make music an integral part of each person’s life. Each staff member at JC Music is a musician, too, and there is nothing we like better than meeting and talking with other musicians. JC Music’s staff has been known for the past twenty-three years as the friendliest music store around.


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