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Music Lessons for Adults and Seniors

Did you know: 82% of people who never learned to play a musical instrument wish they had?

Those 82% are always welcome at JC Music where it’s never too late to live your musical dream! From young children to senior citizens, JC Music offers individual and group classes with exciting performing opportunities which can keep anyone entertained. JC Music is known for inspiring a passion that can last a lifetime!

Everyone knows music is fun, but not all know that music making has benefits, such as:

1. Increases in self esteem, confidence, and fights mental health conditions such as depression

2. Strengthens the auditory cortex, the part of the brain which controls hearing, and may combat hearing loss in old age

3. Has been shown to reduce stress and can be used as a form of anger management

4. It is uplifting spiritually; It can increase positive feelings

5. It helps form new social connections

6. Playing an instrument encourages creativity and evokes emotions

7. It promotes greater finger dexterity

8. Playing music together promotes bonding; Music-making creates a sense of togetherness

9. It has repeatedly shown benefits for Alzheimer’s patients in scientific tests.

10. It strengthens the mind resulting in better memory and speed with processing tasks.

You’re never too old to take music lessons; Music can be learned at any age, and studies show that making music is a life-long skill that enriches the lives of children and adults!

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