Amps, Keyboards, Mics and Pro-Audio

In addition to our traditional array of guitars, percussion instruments and band & orchestra instruments, JC Music is proud to offer an ever-increasing amount of electronic music instruments store-wide, from amplifiers, PAs, keyboards, microphones, effects, pickups and more!

Some of our popular brands include: Ibanez, VHT, Stagg, Peavey, Shure, Audio-Technica, Blue, Hartke, Presonus, MXL, Line 6, M-Audio, Antares, Korg, Steinberg, Alesis, Acoustica, Griffin, Cakewalk, Noteflight, iConnectivity, Airturn, Apogee, F-Pedals, Magix, Zivix, Propellerhead, On Stage, Casio, Yamaha and MUCH more!

JC Music is an official dealer of VHT and Ibanez amps. We also frequently have other brands available in our Consignment program!