Euphonium – 4 Pistons

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Among the finest Castle Brass Instruments for sale at JC Music, the CEU-LAEF-L Bflat euphonium features:

lacquer finish,

4 pistons,

upright 12″ bell.

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OUR PRICE: $1479.00

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“No school is tougher on band instruments than our band. We have to send most instruments out for repair at the end of each year, but the Castles are tanks and those are the only instruments that stay here year round! They are heavy, very well built, and just stay in good repair. I recently played a Castle 4-valve Euphonium and it had a round, dark tone which is very comparable to other very high-end instruments.”

Dr. David Kayser – Director of Bands, New Britain High School, CT

“When holding a Castle student or intermediate instrument, you can feel how heavy and sturdy it is. They also create darker tones and make your band sound more mature. Most other major brand student models are lightweight and produce a nasal-like sound. Castle instruments are great in all ranges! They are very well-balanced, well-constructed and I highly recommend them. I wish every student in Oxford played a Castle instrument!”

Greg Bell – Director of Bands, Oxford, CT

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