Vokal Wireless Microphone System


• PLL reception system
• Sensitivity: 60dB Signal/Noise ratio (12 dBU)
• Frequency response: 50Hz-20 KHz
• Signal/Noise ratio: >100dB
• Voltage: 100-240V

Microphone / Transmitter
• RF output: 30mW
• Cartridge: Dynamic, unidirectional
• Average usage time: up to 6 hours of continuous use

Package Contents
• 1x Receiver
• 2x Handheld microphone / transmitters
• 2x Rechargeable Lithium batteries
• 2x Adapters for use with AA batteries
• 1x AC Power adapter
• 1x Carrying case

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Using sustainable technology with its Lithium batteries, the Vokal VLR502 is a sophisticated and innovative wireless microphone system. With its high performance, the VLR502 is a unique and modern product, with many technological advantages. In addition to the rechargeable Lithium batteries, it can be operated with two normal AA batteries without losing any microphone efficiency. Recharging the Lithium batteries is done simply, by plugging them to the receiver’s front panel USB connectors, whether the system is in use or not.


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